How to increase the efficiency of computer-mediated nursing processes

I have just come back from Vitalis, a yearly industrial conference bringing together eHealth professionals, researchers and manufacturers in Gothenburg, Sweden. This year, I got to present some of the conclusions from my research on the effects of digitalization on nurses’ work environment (a project financed by FORTE, the Swedish Research Council for [...]

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Doing interesting research

Are you doing interesting research? I mean, are you doing research that academics outside of your field and non-academics will find interesting? If you do not know, or if [...]

Dissecting the utopias of the 21st century

While staying at my parents’ house during the Summer break, I happened to pick up Libero Zuppiroli’s recently published book “Utopias of the 21st century”[1] from [...]

Lessons learned from writing my first academic paper

A couple of weeks ago, I completed my very first academic paper. Although I was quite anxious prior to getting started, the process unfolded surprisingly smoothly. I must [...]

Why I believe that my teaching duties make me a better researcher

Those past three weeks have been almost exclusively dedicated to my teaching duties. In parallel to taking two different courses organized by the didactics department at [...]

Celebrating one year as a PhD student!

Today, it has been exactly one year since I started my PhD studies. Without surprise, the past 12 months have gone by in a blur. Looking at my list of publications, [...]

Preparing and moderating workshops: a few (hard-learned) tips

For my first field study, I have been conducting workshops at the Uppsala University Hospital with nurses and assistant nurses. My experience with workshops prior to starting [...]

The transcription rollercoaster (1/2)

I am currently in the midst of an intense data collection phase and have been conducting 90-minute focus groups with nurses and assistant nurses (5-6 at a time) from different [...]

Discovering Dewey

I am currently taking a reading course, led by Professor Kia Höök at KTH (the Royal Institute for Technology in Stockholm), about the concept of experience. The first work [...]

Lessons learned from a pilot focus group with colleagues

A few months ago, before conducting focus groups with nurses and assistant nurses at the Uppsala University Hospital for my first field study within my PhD – investigating [...]

5 reasons why PhD students should attend doctoral defenses

Since I started my PhD at the beginning of the year, I have attended four doctoral defenses and one so-called “mid-term seminar” – a presentation of a PhD project [...]