Doing interesting research

Are you doing interesting research? I mean, are you doing research that academics outside of your field and non-academics will find interesting? If you do not know, or if you actually suspect that your research might not spark the interest of the crowds, do not panic. You might well manage to turn it around. In a 1971 paper, Davis [1] set out to [...]

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Participant observation: two lessons learned from my first steps out in the field

Since the beginning of my PhD education, I got the opportunity to go out "in the field" three times. In my case, the "field" is to be understood as a hospital department, as I [...]

I wish I were better at… managing my time

Before I started my PhD studies, I used to feel quite good about my time management skills. So good in fact that I would name those skills when asked about my qualifications [...]

How to engage students in and outside the classroom: a memo

Yesterday, I attended a three-hour crash course on student-active teaching organized by my faculty's council for educational development. Having been confronted to how [...]

Welcome to my academic blog!

Only a few days after I moved to the current office of the HTO research group at Uppsala University, one of my colleagues advised to me to start writing a blog. He had gotten [...]