How to increase the efficiency of computer-mediated nursing processes

I have just come back from Vitalis, a yearly industrial conference bringing together eHealth professionals, researchers and manufacturers in Gothenburg, Sweden. This year, I got to present some of the conclusions from my research on the effects of digitalization on nurses’ work environment (a project financed by FORTE, the Swedish Research Council for [...]

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Interactive seminar on the ethical handling of research data

Last Monday, I held a seminar on the ethical handling of research data for my colleagues at my division. I prepared the seminar as the examination for a research ethics [...]

Participant observation: two lessons learned from my first steps out in the field

Since the beginning of my PhD education, I got the opportunity to go out "in the field" three times. In my case, the "field" is to be understood as a hospital department, as I [...]

I wish I were better at… managing my time

Before I started my PhD studies, I used to feel quite good about my time management skills. So good in fact that I would name those skills when asked about my qualifications [...]

How to engage students in and outside the classroom: a memo

Yesterday, I attended a three-hour crash course on student-active teaching organized by my faculty's council for educational development. Having been confronted to how [...]

Welcome to my academic blog!

Only a few days after I moved to the current office of the HTO research group at Uppsala University, one of my colleagues advised to me to start writing a blog. He had gotten [...]