Welcome to my academic blog!

Only a few days after I moved to the current office of the HTO research group at Uppsala University, one of my colleagues advised to me to start writing a blog. He had gotten the same recommendation from my supervisor at the beginning of his postdoc and had come to enjoy the blogging experience. As a freshly appointed PhD student and a social media skeptic, I must confess that I was hesitant. What could I possibly have to tell that would be of interest for the world to hear (or, in this case, read)? And thus I waited. And today, nearly four months later, I suddenly decided to take the plunge and create my very own academic blog.

Why, and why now? Have those four months convinced me that what I had to tell was the epitome of interesting? Well, I would not go so far. I rather have come to appreciate, through reading some of the other academic blogs out there, the value of open, continuous communication about one’s work. For the readers, this value resides in getting insights into (and possibly learning from) other researchers’ work, mindset, experience and skills. For the blogging academics, it lies in the increased visbility of their work and research within the community, the reflective process inherent in the writing process as well as the practice of writing in itself.

As such, I see this blog as a space to share and reflect with you on my journey as a researcher in the making. I hope that you will enjoy following me on that journey – welcome!